The vertical view

on October 24, 2023

I looked out and nearly lost my breath. Truly. The picture couldn’t capture the view we were experiencing; I wanted to yell out to everyone to open their windows as I told them, “Don’t miss this!”
As the plane cut through the billowy clouds, new hues of blue formed from the very top of the sky to every square inch around it. Like the fluffiest snow forming on Colorado mountains or massive cotton balls that layered the sky, it was like soaring through an animated movie and yet…it was so very real.
My ENTIRE body sighed with relief, like an injection of hope that came from the painted canvas I couldn’t deny.

I was on my way to a speaking engagement and my brain had been firing off about anything + everything. My sleep had been minimal for several reasons + I genuinely was praying as I boarded, “Jesus, can you give me a tangible reminder that You’ll cover my gaps. I know You have this but can I feel Your hand holding me so I know that I know that I know that You got this?”

I knew. I had jumped + was in the air but I wanted a visual of the safety net. Something to latch onto while I found new energy.

And then—THIS. Here. Beauty. Love. Awareness. Divine design. Order. Symmetry + wildness in the same breath.
I knew what He was saying.
“Hey Cleere, take this in…do you feel Me? You’re covering miles of the earth I made + you don’t even feel the movement but you see the sky shifting. That’s how I hold You. Let this vertical view determine your posture as you operate horizontally. Then others will look up towards Me.”

From Heaven’s view, nothing changes + yet everything does. Nothing is the same when you remember eternity.
Your mission + His sovereignty cut through the clutter, align priorities, strip the need for control, bring purpose to pain, + sustain you when life isn’t what you pictured.

The vertical reminded me that as I come, willing + available, my Father connects, carries, + covers what I cannot.
Miles happen in a moment’s time + miracles become the norm.

The Holy Spirit is the breath of Jesus as we return to the horizontal—so that as we go + do + be, He whispers, “Go vertical…let it lead you.”

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