The wilderness is not easy

on November 02, 2023

“Wilderness”—this term, the way it sounds out loud even feels hard, doesn’t it? Like if a word could scream out “lonely” or feel like a cold room you can’t find your way out of, wilderness would be it.
It can look a million different ways for a trillion different people, each one heavy for the shoulders that’s carrying it.

Maybe it’s a season of waiting on a promise where you feel like God has forgotten you,
Maybe it’s navigating a new normal that threw cold water on your face and offered no rag for relief,
Maybe it’s unforeseen or undesirable circumstances that don’t have an end in sight,
Maybe it’s the intensity of human emotions like anxiety, depression, fear, confusion, or bitterness,
Or whatever it is…these only scratch the surface.

But whatever it is…however the surface of your wilderness has looked, one thing is true: It is the perfect terrain for transformation.
Because you see, there are only so many distractions that can come in a season of silence…and then you’re forced to cry out to the voice that you know cuts through.

When you’re walking through brush + unearthing roots, you don’t have the capacity to carry extra. Simplicity is a necessity. Priority becomes the way of existence.
“What will get me to the other side?”—and all else? It must go.

Perhaps the moments where you feel denied by the Giver are the exact ones where His presence meets you + you realize the promise was never the answer in + of itself.
It was the heart of the Promise-Keeper—that’s the lasting food you’ve been hungry for.

The truth doesn’t make things easier, but it does make them worth it. Knowing that He’s leading + leveling out + listening + liquidating + lighting the way + loving above ALL allows for the deep breath when the way forward is still blurry.

You know you’re not alone + that becomes enough.

How else will you know that your roots are strong + your nourishment is sufficient if the drought doesn’t come or the seasons never change?
This, too, is goodness + grace, just in packages that require more grit than you knew that you had.

He restores to BETTER than before + He readies you with EVERY STEP.
That's a promise He’s good for 🤍

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