There is never a shortage of hope.

on December 22, 2023

3 more sleeps ‘till Christmas!!!!
Oh there is so much goodness around. Are your eyes open to it?

🌟 No matter your view or how hard your circumstances feel, there is never a shortage of hope when you believe. Sometimes you just need a little help remembering.

💚 Mary. Joseph. Shepherds. A stable. Through a baby. Bethlehem. A King covered in flesh. You will never be able to predict the hand of the One that you worship—aren’t you so glad?

🎄 Miracles feel more prevalent + possible during the Christmas season but only because God’s people are available + ready to give + expect. What if you eagerly awaited His hand all year?

❤️ The raw, real, not polished version is the exact reason He came. That’s His favorite—where no fig leaves are covering up the beautifully broken reality that desperately needs His grace.

🤍 The greatest gift you could bring to any table you sit at is the grace + humility of Jesus. This helps your heart be tender, your eyes be open, and your mind be aware of the Spirit at all times.

🌟 When the headlines feel nerve-racking, the voices seem saturated, and it feels like sadness looms, remember Jesus. Remember Christmas. The Savior will help the weary world rejoice again.

💚 You choose your mood, your attitude, + your perspective this Christmas. The only one powerful enough to make you be a grinch is you ☺️ Want some Christmas spirit? Pick it up.

🎄 As you prepare the food, wrap the presents, cultivate conversation, and welcome Christmas, the Holy Spirit will be your ever-present helper. You are covered + protected.

❤️ It doesn’t matter how fast or slow the world is traveling around you—you get to set your own pace. What brings peace + blesses the heart of God? Let that be the rhythm of your heart + your home.

🤍 There is one fireproof, sure, absolute way to never be disappointed—anticipating the hand + heart of Jesus. Awe + worship will always be your response to the King.

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