This is a sure way to walk in purpose

on July 03, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another opportunity to partner with the King of Heaven’s armies and gave victory over any Goliath that stands in our way.
Another chance to welcome the fresh slate before us and respond to grace by giving ALL that we have to the Kingdom they never fades—this is a sure way to walk in purpose!

Jesus, thank You!!!
It is the craziest combination to feel such awe for the gift of every sunrise + breath, while also fully expecting You to give it.
Because of Your consistency + compassion, we know Your mercies are new every morning. What a total gift!

Will You help us be people to don’t just practice gratitude in convenient or planned moments, but especially in the uncertainties + unexpected moments of life?
Rid us of any thought patterns we have that create envy or lack of awareness of every gift we’ve been given and redirect our minds to all You’ve done for us.
Living in response to grace instructs our hands, heart, and heads towards things that last.

Thank You for placing us exactly where we are, with the struggles that we have, with the circumstances that we have, aware of the weaknesses that exist within us + the world around us—these all increase our dependency on You. And there is no way to walk in wisdom or experience the abundant life without realizing our need + letting You fill the gaps.

Help our language be hopeful.
Help our actions be selfless.
Help our responses be humble.
Help our perspective be Heavenly.

Thank You for allowing us to live in a country where we experience so much freedom that others don’t have. Because of the sacrifice of others, we see Your courage, commitment, + care in human form. Thank You for helping us remember that if they can do the frontlines, the least we can do is live in gratitude + peace behind them.

Our week is Yours.
Surrendering our own agenda, we know Yours is the way of life.

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