This life is a blessing in every way.

on April 08, 2024

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another chance to live from the reassurance of the King who made us, claimed us, and has equipped us for the place and position we find ourselves,
Another opportunity to trust in His healing power as we live and love and fully surrender control to Him—
This life is a blessing in every way.

Jesus, thank You!!!
Thank You for the reminder of my words—I wake up saying them, internal chatter fills my days, prayers are my everyday language, and my conversations with others—they are integrally connected to every part of my day and the person that I become as I go.
Help me be so deeply planted in the truth of Your Word that I have laser awareness of what is healthy, helpful, and honorable to You, myself; and others.
You illuminate and provide clarity—thank You for giving me the ability to choose what is good over what is pleasurable. Humble my spirit as I forfeit my pride—letting offense go and choosing the person over proving the point—help me be more like You in that way.

May my words be medicine to those who hear them—
Guiding them in the way of truth,
Anchored in honesty + hope,
Powered by the Holy Spirit,
Infused with courage + strength,
Sifted through the standard of the Word,
Carried by care and compassion,
Devoted to pointing others to You,
Healed by Your holiness + love,
May they honor You.

Healing balm for my own soul…words that speak faith and trust Your plan…words that release control and surrender all to You…words that forget the world and remember the cross…words that hold onto what is true when everything is uncertain…words that spread joy when the circumstances are dismal…words that prove peace is possible in every place we find ourselves because YOU are with us.

I’m grateful, Father.
Thank You for every word spoken over me. It is life to me.

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