We can put all our eggs in His basket.

on April 09, 2023

The tomb was EMPTY.
How? His body had just been there? There was a massive stone covering it’s entry, guards to ensure He couldn’t leave, and the watching world had witnessed His crucifixion.
But He was not there.
Could it be so? Had He lived up to the promise that felt impossible?

But the angel knew—He knew that despite the Word that had been assured and the visible evidence that the King was no longer there, it was the good news that felt too good to be true.
But it was true. This was the truest thing the world would ever come to know—that Jesus is exactly who He says He is—and the grave no longer holds the Giver of grace.
Jesus Christ, the King above all Kings,
The Lamb who was slain for every sin,
The Security of every human heart that Heaven is actually their home,
The Name above every name that took the nails in His own hands,
The Reviver of every broken thing and beating heart—the King is ALIVE.
He came not only to conquer death + cover sin but to give us a fresh start + a full life, no matter the circumstances.

The grave reminding us that we never have to be afraid, though the earth grew dark and the world faced its greatest fear, we are never without Jesus.
He came back for us and now He lives within us, giving us the Holy Spirit so that we can welcome resurrection, restoration, and revival in every corner of our lives, knowing the Comforter is keeping us.

Easter—it is not merely a celebration of an event; it is the game-changer of all of human history that redeems our past, transforms our present, and secures our future forever.
It is the day that the impossible became possible for all who believe.
It is light and love for all who lift their eyes up and exclaim, “Just as He said would happen.”

Death cannot hold the One who gives life. It is the greatest truth of our lives.
Easter—it is the day that makes every moment possible.
Hallelujah—the King is ALIVE + hope is here to STAY 🤍

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