What CAN you control?

on July 20, 2023

It is incredibly freeing, helpful, and eye-opening to do this exercise.
To really, really think about what is in YOUR realm of control today…in the season that you’re in, with the resources that you have, in the circumstance that you find yourself, how can you walk by the Spirit and surrender what is OUTSIDE of this circle?

When you assess your worries and think about what often consumes your mind, it’s crazy how often you will exhaust yourself trying to change or control things that aren’t yours to control!
Things you’re not good at!
Things that steal your energy, rob your joy, and distract you with reputation management and role reversal where you forget that He is God and you are not.
And there is GOOD reason for every portion of your circle—not that He needs to reason with us 🙂

Has your white-knuckling over results ever helped you be more efficient? Or robbed you of your joy of the process?
Has your preoccupation of the healing of others ever catalyzed your own?
Does worrying what others think prompt your courage or zap it before you ever begin?

What CAN you control?
Oh—so much!!!
That’s the thing—the enemy likes to get you caught up in curating + controlling outside forces so that you never walk inside + realize the authority + hope God has offered you.

What’s in this circle + so much more…
Your attitude
How you love
What you believe
Your stewardship of your gifts + resources
How uncomfortable you’re willing to get
Your boundaries

Replacing your energy INTO the circle leads to a powerful life energized by purpose, held by hope, led by faith, and marked by worship.
When you keep your eyes on what you can change, you’re directly stating your trust in the Father for what you can’t.

And take heart—the healing, His timeline, how others act, the outcomes of life, etc—they are burdensome.
His gift to you—that you would enjoy Him, know love, receive grace, be free, + let Him be God.
What a blessing 🤍

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