What inspires your joy?

on December 28, 2023

They say it’s the little things. And the longer you live and the more people you meet and the more things you accomplish, you realize it is absolutely true. While the big things are big and fun and provide catalyst moments of change, growth, and transition, it is the little moments that lead to making those happen.
Is it possible to be a person of joy and only choose joy when things feel important or pivotal? No. Not for a second. Because that person of joy is cultivated through all the little moments.
The running into a long-lost friend in the grocery store,
The $5 you save that you weren’t expecting to,
The bubble machine that provides far too much entertainment,
The baby step of progress made towards a hard fought goal,
The chance to pray with someone you love,
And possibly even when things don’t go as planned…choosing to smile amidst the detour knowing that you’re never really “lost” and that Jesus is making a way.

It sounds SO SIMPLE.
And yet—here we are—at the end of another year, talking about what we want to focus on + change + do + we realize how quickly it goes.
Just like that.
Time—it doesn’t stop for anyone. But it does invite everyone. It says, “come…walk into this moment fully…do you see it? The beauty? Do you feel it? The strength? Can you taste it? The goodness?”

Let me tell you what—Sledge Reaves was clapping so hard, he nearly knocked himself out 😂 I think kids are really good at finding joy…maybe we take note.
They find it in the simple.
They move on from frustrating moments quickly.
They don’t let others rain steal their sunshine.

Can I ask you—what inspires your joy? What helps you look up? How do you get outside your own head? Where do you notice God’s hand?
Your answer will be different than others—that’s good. Do whatever you can to prioritize His presence where you are and joy WILL be a result.

You know what is a hard emotion to feel and one our Father doesn’t want for us? Regret. The sting of living in “I wish” instead of “Here I am.” He wants us to be such good captivators of joy in the small moments, knowing that it is true—bubbles can actually turn your whole day around.

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