What is important for you right now?

on March 20, 2024

This seems like the most elementary, rhetorical, obvious thing to say + do: Know what matters and do that. And yet, I think it’s really hard sometimes.
It’s hard to discern what matters, as far as the practicals of how to walk it out.
It’s hard to accept that sometimes what’s desired isn’t the same as what matters—at least, not at first.
It’s hard to recognize that what is important for you right now is often not the same as what’s important to those around you or close to you.
It’s hard to communicate that something is now a “no”’when it’s always been a “yes.”
It’s hard to remember that just because it asks you to sacrifice certain things now, that it doesn’t mean it’s forever.
It’s hard to not generalize or over-analyze the needs for each season, which in turn jeopardize the joy you get to walk out in them.

But also—you were made for hard things.
Your body, mind, heart, and soul were designed to operate amidst uncertainty + unpredictability. You were created to endure seasons you wouldn’t sign up for because you never know how strong you are until life doesn’t give you a choice.

Will and I were talking about this last night + just so reminded that there aren’t many “important” things—but the important things? They can’t afford to not receive the care they require or survive on minimal attention. Also, because you and I were created for eternity, we feel immensely anxious when we don’t allocate our time, energy, resources, + love to what is vital for right now.
We feel the wrestle. That’s a gift. Because it helps us get back to doing what does matter…it is a gentle reminder that sacrifice may feel hard in moments, but regret stings for a lifetime.

What is important for you right now? Rather, I might ask, WHO? And does your life reflect that answer?
Because time is passing and we are becoming the love we give + the legacy we leave…what is it?
My prayer for my family? That we are radically consumed with what’s important + that we let Jesus strip anything that deters or distracts us away from that.
Because ultimately? That’s what we all want.
Awareness of His presence in every season.
Lord, help it be so 🤍

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