What would you ask Him?

on August 01, 2023

I could see it ahead—the little cove that formed a hedge of protection from the beating sun + the luscious green that formed around it. It’s like the root systems of the surrounding trees got together + said, “They will need a rest stop right here.”
Benches at different caveats and corners of the walk…invitations to sit, be, savor, + take it in…reminders that the point of the trail was not to pound the pavement but to enjoy the view + delight in the journey itself.

When I saw the bench, I felt the Holy Spirit prompting my spirit…
“What would Jesus ask if He was sitting right here with you? If you stopped + invited Him into your walk, what would be the first thing you’d talk to Him about?”

The invitation—there it was. And as I marinated on the question as my feet went up and down the hills of the trail, I kept asking myself that question, “If Jesus were there, in the flesh, with His knowing eyes and strong shoulders ushering me to sit, what would He tell me? What would I ask Him?”

It’s like the tangible bench, the obvious invitation to stop, and the vision of Him in human form helped me realize—wait, He is asking that.
The bench didn’t make it possible for Him to speak; however, the setting made me realize He already had something to say.
Isn’t it wild how nature and life does that?

We read about how His burden is light but have we taken Him up on the invitation to give Him what’s heavy?
We know that He is the Good Shepherd but are we letting Him take the lead?
We realize that rest is holy but has the pace beneath our steps confused us that progress is priority instead of rightful priority is progress?

The views kept coming. Root systems of trees that twisted for what seemed like miles. Twists + turns, up and down sand dunes, and the beach opening up when the land grew flat again…are you seeing this?
He is speaking + you can hear Him.

Jesus in human form…on the bench right ahead of you, nestled in a cove where it’s only you + Him—what would He tell you? How would He respond about what’s on your mind?

It is here—in inviting Him in, listening to His voice, + hearing His heart that you have eyes to see what’s ahead.

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