When the weight of the world feels too intense, I'll remember:

on October 11, 2023

You finally get to sleep but sleep feels strained…then you wake up + feel like the world is so cold + sterile, you just want to go back to bed.
How do you remedy knowing Heaven is your home but not withdrawing until you’re there?


🤍 Just like we can’t handle the weight of glory, we can’t withstand shouldering an entire flock of sheep. That is the Shepherd’s job—assuming we could ever fulfill His role will always leave us drained.


🤍 He aligned the stars, separated day from night, + created every beating heart—this is not “unknown territory” for God. He isn’t wondering what to do; it’s already been established.


🤍 The enemy hopes we spend our time trying to save the world instead of stepping up to feed our neighbor. If he can make us think we are defeated before we begin, we strip ourselves of the rightful power we have.


🤍 Sometimes we stuff ourselves so full of content, we leave little margin for actually walking in compassion. We don’t need to feel guilty—turning off the news for a second or taking a break doesn’t mean we don’t care, it means we are leaving capacity to extend care.


🤍 What’s even more dangerous than scary headlines is when the people of God become numb to receiving them. Constantly leaning in, the Holy Spirit keeps us tender. Sober-minded. Prepared.


🤍 When we know how a sad or uncertain movie ends, it helps us endure the scenes in-between while maintaining our resolve. Spoiler alert for the world: Jesus wins. Light > darkness. His people live forever. May that help us find courage here.


🤍 We were created to respond to pain + heartache; therefore when we remain consumers of information without becoming agents of change, introspection + anxiety get the best of us. ACT.


🤍 Our Maker is pleased when we share in the sufferings and the celebrations of others. When we become callous and condemning of this world rather than passionate about others knowing the Savior, that is when we must pray God would wake us up again.


🤍 Wherever we find ourselves today, we can trust He is working. It is safe to assume miracles are in the making.

The weight of the world is heavy—let’s let the Maker hold it 🌍
Do we trust His hands?

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