When uncertainty plagues my mind, I'll run to this...

on September 27, 2023

If we have learned anything these past few years, it is that life is full of uncertainty. And that uncertainty can be really, really hard.
BUT because God IS certain, we can run to these truths:


🤍 It is not that we don’t know what’s next, it’s that we fear we may not like what’s next. That’s HUMAN! But when we begin to exchange our wants for His will, peace invades our soul no matter what’s ahead.


🤍 Play it out—that snowball in your head—what if the worst happens? Even there, God is on the throne. So EVEN IF, whatever it may be, we can still make it to the other side.


🤍 When we are trying to make our name great or build a castle here, the unknown can rob us of our ability. But if we are investing in eternity? Well nothing can take that away. Uncertainty reveals our treasure trove.


🤍 The seasons or moments that usually make us throw our hands up in confusion or fear are often the ones that lead us to our knees in worship. We witness how He made a way in the wilderness and that gives us hope.


🤍 It usually requires us losing something or it being in jeopardy that we realize it was never in our grasp to begin with. The posture of surrender is God’s greatest hope for our lives.


🤍 When we view the mystery of our lives as an opportunity to see His faithfulness, suspense becomes anticipation. The Author knows the end from the beginning and He says, “Peace is yours.”


🤍 When we anchor ourselves in the WHO, we find that the particulars, problems, and peculiarities of life have a way of sorting themselves out. Eyes on Jesus, the waves still present, but our peace, joy, and hope remain intact.


🤍 Many times, our fear of uncertainty is actually fear of abandonment or rejection. However, neither are possible with Jesus. No matter what lies ahead, we will never face it alone.


🤍 When we feel pressed, we must remember that we’ve been given tools to persevere. Opening the Word, leaning into prayer, accessing community, and showing up to serve equip us to trust in what we can’t see.

With Jesus, uncertainty becomes fuel for the future, fertilizer for growth, and faith for a fulfilled life.

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