When you feel worn out by life, lean into this:

on March 15, 2023

Sometimes, you just feel worn slam out and you aren’t sure how to refuel. Or you’re just weary from life’s curveballs + you need a reprieve.

🤍 If the world is setting your pace, you will live drained. Hurry robs you of the true joy of each moment, while the pace of grace surrenders to the One who started, stops, and stills the hands of time. Assess, slow down, + savor HERE.


🤍 God establishes order + provides peace; His heart is for your home to be your strongest ministry. Therefore, when it’s not, your soul will always feel pulled and worn. Recenter + honor accordingly.


🤍 Sometimes, your heart just needs to be reminded that this won’t last forever! Healing and joy and newfound freedom are on the other side. But don’t miss this—NOW is when you hear His whisper crystal clear.


🤍 Your Father knows you want to tap out! But instead? TAP IN! When you feel solely reliant on His supply, you learn what it really means to be carried by the Shepherd. The burden is now the blessing.


🤍 When life is hard or draining, constantly go back to the truth that the will of God is divinely constructed with mercy, compassion, + love. However it FEELS, this is true.


🤍 If you feel like you can’t lift your head, that doesn’t mean you miss the brightness of the stars. God meets you where you are, lays down beside you, and helps you stargaze in your sadness, reminding you that it’s worth it to get up again.


🤍 Usually, your tiredness stems from misplacing your energy, not from needing more. It’s the distractions between the priorities that steal from your source. You will never regret protecting your priorities.


🤍 The valley always feels longer than it should and the wilderness asks for more of you than you think you have—but God is here. Grace is transforming you. Take heart. Believe your Father.


🤍 The point of everything? To look like Him. Refinement isn’t always pleasurable but it is FULL of purpose. Love is at work—keep showing up.

If you feel worn out by life, let it all fall at His feet. He knows what you need. His care is supreme and His peace will uphold you.
You can learn to thrive again 🤍

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