When you look for the good, you'll find it everywhere.

on August 04, 2023

Goodness—it is laced throughout every moment, canvassed over the walls of your home, and the very fabric of this new day. Will you look for it? Voice it? Expect it?

🌟 What you look for, you will find. When you decide to discipline your mind to focus on the good, you will inherently find that it’s everywhere you are.

🌟 Grace is not just an effective response when the other party gets it or things are going well; it is always the most effective, Jesus-like response. It is medicine to you + others.

🌟 The intimacy you crave with others + Jesus is often only discovered in the difficulty you’d rather avoid. Take heart in the valleys—rich fruit is grown here.

🌟 Sometimes, life will present circumstances that feel too hard or things just feel constant—lean in—you are stronger than you realize. God in you will always surprise you.

🌟 The Holy Spirit—the advocate, your greatest friend, the counselor, the guide—He is accessible at every moment. You don’t have to go anywhere to tap into His power.

🌟 As you heal, that pours out onto others. Just like unhealthy ground becomes toxic for others, healthy ground is beneficial. Removing selfish roots creates room for growth, margin for new things, + hope for all living things.

🌟 When you want to scream, stay frustrated, or throw your hands up and quit, remember that these are opportunities. Patience pleases your Father so much—and how else would you cultivate it?

🌟 Every prayer that you mumble while trying to take a step forward, every cry of your heart that feels deep within you, + every murmur of your weary soul is heard by God. Nothing is missed.

🌟 You don’t have to like or agree with everyone to extend the love of God to them. In fact, it will be you choosing to love when you don’t like them that will help your heart soften towards the Jesus in them.

🌟 Praise is not just a fun ending to a good situation; it is your weapon on the battlefield, the song while you climb, and the covering over your mind as you choose to endure. It helps you see His fingerprints—keep singing!

A grateful heart points to Heaven 🌟

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