When you're in your feels and need self-control...

on September 20, 2023

Feelings are good. Healthy. Important. Human. Necessary. However, they aren’t reliable in the driver’s seat of your life. So…how for you make sure they don’t take over?


🤍 Many times, you’re experiencing + navigating emotions internally and have no idea how much you’re processing. Outward showings reveal inward developments—where does God need to move?


🤍 It is not impressive to ignore your feelings for the sake of keeping on, keeping on. They will grow and soon, they will spill over + be destructive. Tend to them so you can be effective where you are.


🤍 What are your inputs telling you? Does it help you pursue peace? When you feel your emotions toiling inside of you, be wildly selective about what food you’re giving your mind, heart, body, + soul.


🤍 When you’re emotionally charged, you’re highly reactive. This often results in decisions + actions that don’t look like the real you. Recognize this, be slooooow to respond, + sit with Jesus to recalibrate.


🤍 When your emotions are heightened due to a season of waiting or praying for something, remind yourself of God’s timeline + character. Others advancement will never take away from His plans for you.


🤍 Sometimes, you will have to read the Word to your emotions and command them to get in line. Often, actually. The Word sees above the clutter, knows the end from the beginning + meets you in your reality while still breathing hope there.


🤍 Survey your emotions, your responses, + your frustrations—what do they reveal that you’re carrying that isn’t in your control? Surrender it. With Jesus, you can have peace anywhere.


🤍 Humility is not the absence of feeling a negative or hard emotion; it’s the practice of feeling that emotion, surrendering it to Jesus, + choosing the narrow way regardless. You have that with the power of the holy spirit. It’ll always bless you.


🤍 Emotional resilience is a sign that you’ve sat with Jesus. When life makes you feel a certain way but you decide to cling to the truth of the One who gives you life, miracles happen + PEACE follows.

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