When you're tired from trying to please everyone, cling to this...

on August 16, 2023

We keep trying. Worn out, unfulfilled, + still not accomplishing our goal, we remember that we can’t sustain a life of pleasing others, only Jesus.


🤍 When their opinions consist of praise, it feels GOOD. A high. Until it’s not—and their criticism reveals that your foundation was always falsely fortified on the fickleness of the world. Peace + effectiveness is found when the source of your confidence doesn’t waver.


🤍 When you yearn to please people, God can’t be most glorified. Because, at some point, you will value their affirmation over obedience + compromise your true purpose. Keeping God first, you inherently prioritize their best because God always does.


🤍 Anxiety is the result of a performance-based lifestyle, where as peace is the result of a grace-based lifestyle. The cure to the underlying restlessness in your soul is to surrender the opinions of the world + choose that only One voice matters.


🤍 It’s wild how quickly we normalize a life of walking on eggshells, especially when our Savior offers us to be carried by joy. Temporary wins with the world will make you feel like pleasing is possible—it’s not. Realize truth + redirect your energy.


🤍 You tend to think that if you please others, it will improve your relationship; however, the other is actually true. Fearing God as you love others is the only route to intimate + lasting connection with others.


🤍 If you have to alter any part of who God has called you to be, is it ever worth it? Consistency of spirit and authenticity with what He says about you—that is the way to a life of rest!


🤍 Want a remedy for people-pleasing? It’s not liking them less, it’s learning more about God! Diving into His character will always produce a desire for deeper devotion—producing righteous fear + accountability to who is actually in control.


🤍 It’s easy to link fulfillment with those we see rather than a God we can’t; but wisdom tells us to prioritize Heaven and let it determine what we do on earth. THEN life on earth becomes abundantly full!


🤍 At the end of the day, pleasing others has nothing to do with loving them. The only way to truly love people is to love God first + foremost.

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