When you're weary from waiting, hold onto this:

on July 19, 2023

Ugh. The waiting room. Let’s be honest—it’s hard, often not fun, + laced with reminders of what we wish we had.
BUT Jesus—He transforms it. If you’re waiting, hold on:

🤍 It is helpful to remember that God doesn’t respond to the happenings of the world; He controls them and holds them together. Time is HIS. The clock doesn’t threaten His plans or His promises for you.


🤍 When you’re desperate for your name to be called, every other name gets louder. The enemy tries to put you in a place of pity + fear but God reminds you—your name is on His priority list. He’s preparing you while you wait.



🤍 Even when it’s hard, heavy, or the last thing you’d prefer, anything that helps you grasp the heart of the Father is mercy. You begin to trust this when you realize that knowing Him is the greatest treasure you can hold, not the promise itself.


🤍 The life of a believer is the continual act of waiting—the constant looking to Jesus as you anticipate His return. The presence of peace while you wait is a direct correlation to the faith that you hold.


🤍 As you wait, your senses become sharper—His whisper gets louder, His fingerprints become more obvious, and any etching of His footprint becomes your saving grace. What a life to be so keenly aware of the One who is leading you.


🤍 When the waiting has felt too long, hold on. God is never slow to fulfill a promise and He knows your capacity, your need, and your hope. Living life on the tightrope is actually the safest place to be.


🤍 The promise-keeper will never ever ever lead you to a place that your character can’t sustain. Health and sanctification are always His goal. Trust that He knows when you are ready. After all, who wants you to hold a good thing more than Him?


🤍 The wait is always for your protection—the reminder to your heart that you won’t find the security you’re longing for, the joy you’re desiring, or the adoration you need within anything on this earth. God, in His grace, helps you learn that it’s found along the way.


🤍 Reflecting on God’s faithfulness will always end in greater peace, courage, + faith. His track record is perfect. Let your past experience be the mustard seed for your present.

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