You are good + You are God.

on July 24, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another opportunity to really believe that what You say is trustworthy and that who You are is not too good to be true—it’s the truest, surest, greatest, most wonderful truth we hold.

Jesus, thank You, thank You, thank You for this new day + this exciting week before us—every moment is a gift from You.
We get to enter with the reminder that because we didn’t earn it, nothing can jeopardize the grace You have ushered towards us for it.

The basis for our day is the character of Your heart—how blessed + assured must we feel!
Your generosity. Your kindness. Your strength. Your faithfulness. Your mercy. Your power. Your LOVE—You don’t base how You show up off of us; however, will You help us base how we show up off of You? We don’t want to miss out on what is actually fulfilling and what truly satisfies just because we were distracted by the glitz + glam of the temporary.

Our feet are planted DEEP, Jesus.
So when the uncertainty comes this week? We rest in the permanent security of Your presence.
When the fear loudly knocks? We wrap ourselves in the cloak of courage You provide.
When negative self-talk, complaining, or gossip wants to consume our lips? We open our mouths with words of praise + truth, edifying all who hear them.
When anxiety pretends to have a seat at our table? We pursue peace with everything that’s within us.
How calming and wondrous is it that there is nothing You can’t stand against, Father!
Actually, all else never stood a chance; everything bows to You.

Help us spread the hope of Heaven with how we operate in our day-to-day actions + reactions. We want to confuse the world!
“How is it that they always extend kindness? Generosity? Hope? Love?”, they’ll ask.
And we simply will point to You. That’s it—every single time.

This Monday? We are unwrapping this gift of life with fire in our bones and focus in our minds.
We aren’t missing out on the abundant life this week 🌟

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