You are mighty because He says you are

on September 22, 2023

How is it that His goodness keeps chasing us, pursuing us, and meeting us exactly where we are!? It’s the greatest mystery we will ever know🌟

🌟 "Mighty warrior” is what He has spoken over you. Even when you don’t feel it, believe what the King of heaven’s armies has deposited inside of you.

🌟 Every step you take—especially those that are on the detour you didn’t foresee coming—is preparing you for something wonderful, important, + Heavenly.

🌟 New growth is possible when you’re willing to dig your hands in the dirt + remove the roots. That health is the answer to the peace you’re craving.

🌟 Amidst every season, in every storm, and in every season, God will sustain you. He fortifies you when you feel like you can’t keep going.

🌟 The point of it being supernatural is that it’s beyond you. You can’t predict it, control it, or stop it. Surrender + know His divine power is at work.

🌟 Hard times that force you to firmly plant your feet in the foundation of His Word build your resilience + cultivate true courage. They’re so important for a meaningful life.

🌟 You are the sum of your commitments. This is an honor + a privilege because you get to choose who + what receives your attention + affection.

🌟 Legacy is formed through what you give away—that's what outlasts you—your lifestyle of generosity will sew deep roots of generational blessing.

🌟 The wellspring of hope is never in jeopardy of running out. It’s ever-present and constantly flowing, no matter how much of a drought the world is in around you.

🌟 Fighting for the margin to get still + be silent is always worth it. It sharpens you, secures you, and summons you to His feet. You weren’t created to live in constant noise.

GRATITUDE—say it. Sing it! The more you look for goodness, the more you’ll find it 🌟

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