You aren't supposed to have it all figured out.

on February 16, 2024

🎶 “And all of Your goodness is like a well running over, and oh, my soul, it sings for You…🎶🌟🫶🏻

His kindness is etched into our being and the world around us—do you see it!?

🌟 You don’t have to know a single thing more than what you already know. He doesn’t need you to figure it out; He simply asks that you remain faithful and trust that He already has it figured out.

🌟 The presence of darkness doesn’t diminish or dampen the light; it amplifies it and reveals the stark contrast that the presence of Jesus provides.

🌟 When your confidence is rooted in the unconditional love and ever-present help of the Father, you are safe and secure. His supply is unlimited, His ability is incomprehensible, and His character is unconditional.

🌟 When you give space to evaluating what you’re really thinking about, you give the Holy Spirit room to remove what must go and water what must grow. Discernment and clarity require the pause.

🌟 You get to show up and work for the Lord, no matter what you do or the role you play. This means striving can cease, excellence can be pursued, and true purpose can be established.

🌟 Jesus thrives on comforting His people. If you are sad, exhausted, confused,’weary, disappointed, or just struggling, go to the Shepherd. He has everything you need.

🌟 If you’re feeling stuck or stagnant in the season that you’re in, ask Jesus for revived passion and a renewed eagerness to keep going—He will meet you there! Eyes to see + a willing heart does wonders.

🌟 When your heart is aching, the Father’s heart is aching greater for you. He feels what you feel on a level you can’t understand because He wove your every part. You are never alone in your grief.

🌟 The shadow of His wings is a cove of protection and a shelter of life. True restoration happens there and you have permanent access. You get to go and just be.

🌟 Today is a GREAT day to walk outside, feel the sunshine on your face, voice the blessings around you, exclaim God’s favor over your life, and rejoice in the breath inside your lungs! This is medicine for your soul!

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