You can change your perspective at any moment

on May 24, 2024

The Giver of every good gift and the One who determines good, creates good, and completes the good has made this day—will you rejoice and be glad in it? ☺️

🌟 At any moment, you can change your view. What you see is determined by what you believe, which in turn, directs what you do. Struggling with your perspective? Reassess your belief.

🌟 Closed doors are not cemented conclusions or a way to say “you’ve failed.” They are literal preparation + redirection for open doors that are FOR YOU. Closed doors are some of His greatest blessings.

🌟 God decides what is beautiful—it is His standard, not the world’s—that gets to say what is wonderfully made in His sight. You’re at the top of the list.

🌟 Today, you don’t have to carry over any old habits, nurse any mental strongholds, or continue to do things simply because you always have. You are allowed to change!!! It’s healthy.

🌟 God will help you get to the other side—of that conversation, that hard thing, that season of suffering, whatever it is—every time. Enter today knowing victory is promised.

🌟 New seasons—whether it’s in friendship, practical life changes, motherhood, etc.—require a little more grace. Accept it, receive it, + extend it to yourself.

🌟 An honest heart is one that trusts the Father’s acceptance + love and lives through the filter of truth. No matter what it brings, God is grateful for vulnerability.

🌟 There is refreshment for your heart, soul, mind, + body at His well. Go. Sit. Drink. It will always quench your thirst. Take all you need.

🌟 Everyone processes emotions of grief, anger, happiness, confusion, doubt, etc. differently. Take heart. You’re not wrong and neither are they.

🌟 God works ALL THINGS out for the good of those who love Him. If it’s not good, keep your head up—He is working! Be patient; His ways are worth it.

His goodness is all around you—eyes open 🌟

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