You control your interactions with technology.

on January 05, 2024

It never gets old—to wake up a new morning, a clean slate, and a day full of possibility! 🤍🙌🏻

🌟 Technology may persistently knock but you get to control your interaction with it. How loud the voices are + how often you tune in is your choice. Exercise self-discipline + pursue health.

🌟 It may feel like you have to conform to fit in with those around you but the truth is—you were made to be set apart! Differences are good. Don’t concern yourself with looking like them; look like Jesus.

🌟 From the fish and the loaves of bread to the water that became wine, God doesn’t need much to perform miracles. He just needs your all! When you give that, get ready for beauty to burst forth.

🌟 Whether it be about your output at work, your tending to relationships, or your actual body moving, constantly producing isn’t the goal. Remember seasons, not striving, bring growth.

🌟 When life gets hard or things feel heavy, you will discover strength you didn’t know you had + your Father will multiply it! You’ll be surprised at how strong the Spirit is in you.

🌟 Offense is a roadblock behind your car, not theirs. You get to remove it, refocus, + roll forward. That is power + authority in everyday life.

🌟 The Word of God is not an ethereal book; it is an active weapon in every circumstance. When you literally take it with you, you’ll be more likely to open it + experience it’s power.

🌟 Your peace is never in jeopardy because peace is a person and He doesn’t leave you. Don’t let the places that feel dark or consuming convince you He’s left. He’s as near as your breath.

🌟 There had not been a single morsel of rain before Noah built the ark. His obedience was the result of his faith. Don’t wait. Who might be waiting on you walking in courage?

🌟 In every dry place, in every tough season, in every unexpected place, His love will refresh you. It’s what you need. Don’t wait to be desperate; go and drink!

A grateful heart is good, good medicine 🌟

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