You decide the peace you have this week.

on May 30, 2023


You wake up and you begin to imagine your day and your week. You think about the obligations you have ahead and the energy you’ll need to show up well. You wonder how things will shake out or if _____ will go as planned or if _______ situation will improve and suddenly…’re there.
And then your mind starts to go down a few rabbit trails as you try to connect dots that are currently none of your business or your concern.
God knows all the factors and He is acutely aware of the needs of your present and every step of your future.

So—when you begin to imagine and dream and pray and worry and sort through the details on the road of life this week, imagine your Father and greatest friend holding your hand.
You’re in this together. When you truly believe that He is leading you, you take the time to stop, lean in, listen, and linger in His presence.
When confusion arises, He will offer clarity.
When the hardship comes, He fortify you and help you move past your fear as you realize you’ve been prepared for this.
He will provide new doors that you couldn’t have predicted when old ones close.
When your heart remembers grief, He will collect your tears, sit with you in it, and lift your head again.

This week, there is so much you don’t know.
But what you DO know is your saving grace. What you DO know is the character of your Heavenly Father and His faultless, faithful protection + provision over your life. What you DO know is that this—this is an opportunity to grow and to trust and to worship.
What you DO know is that even at your worst, God’s best will meet you there.
It will help you and it will heal you and it will hold your hand to the other side.

Peace in situations that make no earthly sense and feel unfair and insulated in the walls of uncertainty.
Peace that operates differently—where it ENTERS the room and changes the atmosphere simply because it knows it is not in jeopardy at any turn.

This is yours.
In every present day and every tomorrow.

Do not let the enemy rob you of the gift that has already covered your way.
You decide the peace you have this week 🤍
Remember who is with you + in you.

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