You don't have to fight for a seat at the table.

on July 28, 2023

Surely goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life…it is true! It is the surest ground you stand on—that His mercy is for you + His goodness is trustworthy.

🌟 The Father already has a seat for you at the table. No striving necessary. No proving you’re worthy. It’s there, ready to nourish you + remind you that you belong.

🌟 Grace is the river that runs all through your life, covering every space and every struggle. Imagine powerful rushing water that can’t be stopped—that is His lavished grace over you.

🌟 When you take the time to truly sit with others, dig deep, + be vulnerable, bridges of hope are established. Ones that bring connection in previous isolation, ones that restore strength, + ones that make traveling to new places possible + exciting because humility was practiced.

🌟 Working with your hands—whether creating or tending to or mending or serving in some way—it quiets your mind. Effort being released physically that helps your mind take a break.

🌟 You get to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Is there anything more powerful than that purpose? You get to be the tangible showing that He sees them, He treasures them, + He loves them.

🌟 Laughter is a pure gift. It reminds you of your childlike faith and that your Father yearns for you to delight in the life He has given you. It’s true medicine that restores to you the joy of your salvation + the lightness of walking with Him.

🌟 There will not be one transition that you endure that will be too tumultuous, too tricky, or too traverse for what’s inside of you. Be aware—you’ll be surprised by the strength of God within you, especially in the storms of life.

🌟 There isn’t a soul on planet earth that understands all that happens, why it happens, or the best step to take in every scenario. Every heart is leaning in, seeking wisdom, + being reminded that the journey is full of uncertainty.

🌟 Nature—the oceans, the stars that light the night, the deep roots of trees, the flowers that bloom in different seasons, the changing of colors + order + systems—it all is an invitation.

🌟 God is sovereign EVERYWHERE. In every place, He is God. It’s the best news.

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