You don't have to keep tally marks. God's got you.

on June 02, 2023

Father. Friend. Fortress. Forgiver of all sins. Faithful to the end.
How do we keep receiving the grace we don’t deserve?

🌟 In your relationships, with your work, in your everyday happenings—you don’t have to record wrongs or rights. God will deliver, reward, + exalt as He sees fit.

🌟 The world will always have chatter, doing its best to ignite fear or confuse your hope. Don’t worry—it was always founded in Heaven anyway. It’s not in jeopardy.

🌟 Rest is an active choice. It is warfare and often the most difficult—to want to do but to know He wants you to remain, wait, pray, + trust—that is faith.

🌟 Even in all your dreaming + imagining the best + the highest you know, you could never conceive what He’s up to. It’s grander, wiser, + better. How incredible is that!

🌟 Any deficit you have in any area you show up today—the Holy Spirit is GOOD for it. He will fill it. This lack is actually your superpower, allowing His supernatural strength to take flight.

🌟 Even if you weren’t yesterday or all of 2023, you get to follow through on your word TODAY. The little changes you’ve been avoiding or the commitment you fear? You can do it. Your resolve is there.

🌟 Your Father doesn’t need you to figure out what you don’t know; He just needs you to trust that He can + He will.

🌟 There is never a shortage of light in the Kingdom. You never have to compete with those around you or dim yours to make room. Shine!

🌟 With any storm that comes, with every conversation that pings your anxiety, with every circumstance you face ahead—you live under the safety of His refuge. Secure.

🌟 You’re not behind. You didn’t miss it. Your dreams aren’t too dry to be watered. Don’t listen to the enemy—NOW is it. It’s perfect timing to try again.

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