You have been prepared to live this day well.

on March 03, 2023

Goodness is all around you. Do you see it? Feel it? Have you thanked Him for it?
Lean into thankfulness today—the King sees 🤍

🌟 You have been prepared for EVERY part of this day—the moments that are routine and the unexpected detours—the Holy Spirit is with you. Victory is yours today.

🌟 No matter what the situation entails or how deep the wound, forgiveness is always possible. Not on your own accord but through Jesus—He will help you. Then, freedom comes.

🌟 When others are unkind to you, you decide what to be in return—you’ll never regret giving grace. It’s so much like Jesus. Being kind helps you move forward + challenges them.

🌟 The more that you decide to pick up joy, even when it feels hard or distant with your circumstances, the better you’ll become at finding it. Joy is a muscle; the more you flex it, the stronger you become at holding it.

🌟 It’s not too late—to go after that dream, believe for that miracle, or show up in whatever small or big way God has laid on your heart. He makes up for lost time.

🌟 It is impossible for anything or anyone on this earth to thwart or threaten the will of the father. Take heart in this—if God wants the door open, He is faithful + capable to do so.

🌟 Your attitude and the way that you carry yourself in every space is YOUR decision. Be a person of cheerful countenance, hope-filled perspective, + a willing attitude.

🌟 You are a child of God. You know the Shepherd’s voice. This means that you can hear, discern, + follow the way of truth. Don’t doubt your ability to hear Him.

🌟 The gift of the Holy Spirit is that you have a focused + peaceful mind—NO MATTER WHAT. He will help you redirect, recall, + rehearse what is pure, true, + holy.

🌟 Gratitude will ALWAYS make a difference. Both in you + in those around you. Refuse to live without it.

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