You know my every tomorrow

on June 17, 2024

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 🌟
Another chance to let go of the pressure and lean into the Prince of Peace.
Another week where we get to answer the question, “Is God good? Is God in control? Is God for you?”

Jesus, we are so thankful. Undeserving doesn’t adequately describe the posture we know we should have but instead YOU have chosen to seat us with You—in heavenly places, tucked into the shadow of Your wings, and protected by the supernatural power of Your hand.

Will You help us, Father? We want to live with such intentional devotion to You, that not one thought slides by without us asking if it pleases You.
We yearn to offer the same grace and patience You have shown to us to others; how much would Heaven rejoice if we stopped reacting to our lives and we decided to let the Spirit determine our responses? Help us. Fortify us. Teach us how.

Thank You for being the most relatable—You have walked every step before us, felt every emotion we have but deeper, and endured the hardest road anyone will have to walk.
Thank You for being the most practical—You don’t expect us to remain in a state of euphoria or have rose-colored glasses when our lives feel like a constant cloud covering over the sunshine; Rather, it is the choice to stay on the path and remain tucked into You that You desire. As we express our emotions and feel all that we do out loud with You, You lead us forward in love.
Thank You for being the most intentional—You know everything about us! You wired us! You hear our prayers, speak our love language, whisper to us when the world feels too loud, and bend down to look into our eyes.
We know we are seen + loved by You, Jesus.

Give us courage for the crossroads,
Discernment for the decisions,
humility when we need to be helped,
Gentleness when life feels jolting,
Healing when our heart is breaking,
Patience when we feel pulled in too many directions,
And love for every longing in our heart.

Grateful, Jesus.
You made this life, crafted this world, and placed us here.
All glory belongs to You 🤍

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