Your character IS your calling.

on April 11, 2023

The promotion is solid, the position is good, + the possibilities are all exciting.
You see what everyone is doing around you + the ground they’re covering and you want it too! Of course you do.
You have goals in mind, places you hope your feet walk, dreams sewn within your heart, + a plan of your own that is woven together through what you know about the life that awaits you.

And this is all GOOD! Really, it is. God smiles hearing your thoughts, being told your desires, + learning how you see the world.
But far beyond anything that you do, any place that you’ll go, the beefed up resume you want to create, or the ways your hands will touch the world, God is focused on your heart. Your wellspring of life. Your guard-keeper. Your hiding place. The place that decides how much it trusts God or how much it wants to go it’s own way.
He’s focused on your spirit. What’s it full of? Is it anchored in truth, aware of grace, and solidified by the strength of Jesus? Does your life represent a pursuit of visible fruit or the fruit of the Holy Spirit?

You see, true turmoil within your own soul is when you achieve something from the outside that your inside can’t support or sustain. True grief is gaining the world and losing your soul. True heartache for the Father is watching you do good but not really believing He is good.

What does the Father care about?
Who are you when no one reciprocates, responds, or realizes your sacrifice?
Who are you when others are harsh? How do you respond when others gossip? What do you do when faced with opposition or a challenge that you weren’t expecting? How do you handle the waiting period between where you are and where you hope to be?

You see, your character IS your calling.
The things that you do are only as powerful, lasting, + true as the person that you are as you do them. In fact, it is often your tenderness, grace, joy, + perseverance that’s cultivated in the process that others take note of more than it is what you’ve accomplished.

Culture may try to convince you that you’re calling is a mystery but I would bet that when you operate with the heart and the spirit He has called you to, the “calling” takes care of itself.

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