Your glory is on display everywhere!

on November 06, 2023

Another Monday, another M I R A C L E 💫
Another new beginning to look to the Heavens and know where your help comes from—the Maker of Heaven + earth.
Another clean slate to receive the wild mercy of the Savior and live in response to the grace you could never earn or maintain—sheer, undeserved merit + blessing.
The essence of life is that—that your Heavenly Father chose you and He makes no mistakes 🩵

Jesus, Thank YOU!!!
Surveying the world around me and opening my eyes to the constant generosity that You extend, I don’t even know how to respond. My brain wants to worry that it’ll run out but I’ve seen it to be true—Your grace is the ever-flowing spring.
Your goodness is unmatched + unpredictable and it is for my life!
This truth gives my feet such a firm + hopeful place to stand in the midst of every + any circumstance.

Show me how to fully immerse myself in the present and embrace everything You have for me in this chapter.
Strip me of the distractions and replace my worry of the future with the anticipation of wondering—“I wonder what goodness my God is up to!”
Keep my eyes on what matters + lasts.
Show my hands how to plow the field before me instead of comparing it to the green pastures I see around me.
When I stewart what You’ve given me + I trust You with what’s ahead, GOOD + fertile ground is cultivated.
This pleases You and brings peace to my soul! The deep parts of me.

When the seasons feel long or the harvest feels distant or the weight feels too heavy, help me reattach my yoke to You. Illuminate where I’m taking false control of anything in my life so that I can put the weight back on Your shoulders + operate in freedom.
Align my desires with Your Word so that obedience flows from every part of me. Apart from You, I have nothing.

Though chaos may ensue around me and hardship may knock at my door, I am not afraid or unsure of where my strength + hope comes from—YOU are my source! The light by which I see. The fountain from which I drink and am fully + forever satisfied.

Thank You! My week is not full of obligations but rather, of opportunities!
I am full of gratitude, Father.
Peace + power are mine in You.

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