Your God-given identity is the greatest gift

on September 05, 2023

It’s hard. It really is. Even if you’re not a people pleaser, the fabric of your flesh cries out for the affirmation of those around you. Sometimes, it doesn’t even know what it’s clamoring for but it feels the weight as it whispers, “Tell me I belong.”
You do this in small ways—the seeking of affection in the world around you—from the standards you hold to the pace you run at to the rewards you seek to the words that you say—your desire to be in unison with others is a GIFT but only the Spirit knows how to do so in ways that don’t kill the soul.

Because you see, something absolutely incredible happens when you anchor yourself in the God-given identity you hold.
Like a laser beam straight to the Father’s throne, you begin to see less of the faces around you and yearn more to see His.
Your heart gains wisdom as as it realizes that life is short, there is much to do, and the call is great.
You begin to size up God and size down the opinions of others—and as you do, you realize you could never see God big enough.
He is too grand and too good and too true.
The more that you do the hard thing and go against the grain and stand firm, the more you discover His peace. And it is CONSUMING. It begins in the deepest corners of your heart and blankets the day before you as you stretch out your arms. You stop needing to know the particulars because you know the person who is traveling with you.

And what if your willingness to abandon what they say becomes the very vehicle to them being interested in what the Father says?
Because after all, the value of something is the risk you’re willing to take for it.
And if you’ll give all, how good is HE!?

But you can’t do it shackled to chains that ask the world, “What do you think of me?”

Be free from it. The more you tightly intertwine yourself with the vine, the less you’ll need the false nourishment of the world.
And finally—it’ll make sense—this place + these people around you? They will ALWAYS be better for your devotion to HIM.
Your God-given identity is the greatest gift you’ve been given—it’s already yours—take hold of it + actually LIVE.

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