Your perspective is crucial

on October 17, 2023

It begins the moment you get up and happens a million times over again—as you live and do and be and decide and jump and go and rest, you inherently answer the question: “Do I believe that God is on my side?”
It doesn’t feel this intense or weighty in the moments; the enemy loves that because he does his best to make you think you’re a victim to your circumstances with no real control over your responses.
But do you know what is absolutely true in EVERY season and every circumstance?
YOU get to decide your filter. The screen over all that you see. Is it coated with grace, bathed in awareness, and from the viewpoint of Heaven?
Or is it planted in the shaky soil of your emotions or framed through the lens of, “Maybe God doesn’t see me here.”

One filter allows you to operate with authority, anticipation, and awareness, even when you can’t see what’s ahead.
The other makes you feel like a victim to what you can’t control, guided by a hurried mindset, a hustle culture, and a “how am I going to do this by myself?” heart posture.

Your day—THIS ONE—happening right now—it is not happening to you.
It’s happening FOR you. It has been planned and you have been prepared. When it feels volatile, you get to rehearse the victory of the One who goes before you. When it seems like nothing can go right, you get to declare His promises and stand firm on the One who knows what is truly right, forever good, and wholly pure.

Believing His favor is on you reduces your tendency to be offended, strips your need to prove yourself, roots you in confidence that is anchored in Heaven, and operates with the belief that time is ON YOUR SIDE.

Calm heart.
Eyes open to the invisible so you can have new hope amidst the visible.
God is with you + for you; applying this filter is the secret password to have “peace beyond understanding.”
Because this is true, you are protected, powerful, + purposeful in this day! No matter the circumstances—isn’t that such a relief?

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