Your sovereign hand is always holding and healing

on April 22, 2024


Another Monday, another M I R A C L E šŸ’«
Another chance to breathe in the grace of a new day and breathe out love and strength to the world around us, knowing that we are just passing through.
Another fresh slate to step fully into the gift of the present, asking Him to revive our passion and embrace the life of purpose He has promised us.

Jesus, thank You!!!!!
Thank You for opening my eyes wider as I speak truth and life; You help my narrow vision see truth, hope, and JOY in every place.
Knowing that You know every detail, difficulty, and detour ahead fills me with immense comfort, especially when my heart feels afraid or aloneā€”I know You are right here with me.
I donā€™t want to waste a moment trying to control others,
I donā€™t want to waste a moment letting bitterness hold me,
I donā€™t want to waste a moment taking things personally,
I donā€™t want to waste a moment letting superficial things guide me,
I donā€™t want to waste a moment scrolling my life away while I make assumptions about everyone elseā€™s,
I donā€™t want to waste a moment worrying about things thatā€™ll probably never happen.
I want to treasure and fully embrace EVERY moment by honoring You in itā€¦declaring the hope, walking boldly in faith, being generous beyond understanding, staying the course and going the extra mile with excellence regardless of whether the world sees itā€¦these deep seeded decisions are what bring me JOY and PEACE because I was made to be set apart.
Heaven focused and hope-filled.
Empowered and equipped to walk every mountain and swim every sea,
My aptitude and ability isnā€™t my own; itā€™s dependent on You. Resting in Your consistency and mighty power, I find great confidence in the unknown because every uncertainty becomes the greatest opportunity to see You move.

Jesusā€”this day is Yours.
Help my scattered mind find clarity and peace.
Speak Your promises over my mind when it gets fearful.
Pull me into the shadow of Your wings and give me strength.
Refine my heartā€”I want to look like You, especially when life feels like You are quiet. I trust everything about Your goodness, Father.

Praise is on my lipsā€¦filling my heart with gladness amidst the heaviness of lifeā€¦You are here šŸ¤

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