You're not at a deficit.

on January 03, 2024

I was having a conversation with a friend and we were both joking (sorta) about already missing the mark with one of the rhythms we both are working to implement in our lives.
I heard my own voice make a remark and sure enough, I felt the nudge. It was like the Holy Spirit had pulled up a barstool, having been there the whole time listening to us, and then tapped in…”You’re not at a deficit. Begin today.”

I don’t know why it felt so monumental to me, like I needed someone to tell me that just because the track record wouldn’t be a perfect beginning doesn’t mean it can’t be a reality now.
It is the hard truth of humanity: Our intentions often don’t match our actions and our lack of faithfulness (because our Father is always faithful) feels hard to accept + frustrating.
BUT—isn’t that just what the enemy would love? That you would quit before you ever even start simply because you feel a little discouraged? Or maybe life hasn’t made the transition very easy. That’s okay!!!!!!
Here— here is where growth begins.
You decide that each day, you’re going to water that seed, no matter what it requires. You don’t allow yourself to make excuses because you know the Holy Spirit that lives inside of you. Giving yourself room to not show up is different than offering grace when you don’t—begin to build trust with yourself and do it TODAY.

Maybe you need to hear this: You’re not at a deficit. You’re not behind. You’re not incapable of starting just because you misstepped. This territory is where grit is gained, dependence is realized, and new strength is found.

Receive His lavished, radical, wild, immense grace over you. Don’t let your stubbornness to open the gift keep you from walking forward. Shame does Him and you no favors.
Put on your armor—it’s tough out there but you’re made for it. He’s for you + with you.
Begin fresh today. These 24 hours are your responsibility; the rest are none of your business. Be a good steward and keep your eyes forward.
And get excited!!!! There is no stopping you when you realize today is always a good place to start 🤍

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