Episode 41: Beauty from the inside out

on June 21, 2021

What defines our standard of beauty? Do we let our Instagram feed determine how fulfilled we are with what we see in the mirror? What does our God have to say about beauty? What would applying His standard alter about our lives?

Digging into these questions, we see that the more we behold the heart of our Father, the more beauty we see in ourselves, others, and the world around us. Only the Creator can define what is good and pure—will we trust Him?

The NEW devotional book, "Radiate: 90 Devotions to Reflect the Heart of Jesus" is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

Follow along with the devotional for this podcast, "Focus: How One Word a Week will transform your life". You can find it here on the website or on Amazon Prime.

Monday Prayer can be found every Monday on @cleerelystated Instagram

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