S2 EP02: I'M BACK!!! And it's time for a reset.

on January 29, 2024

How are you doing with your New year's goals and resolutions? Or what about just your everyday rhythms—do you feel like you're already behind or defeated? Or did you get smothered by unrealistic expectations and never even begin? Either way, in this episode, we dig into the power of creating realistic, everyday rhythms that make us more like Jesus, which is ultimately the true desire behind every worthy and lasting goal.

Cleere reviews some Q&A from her Instagram stories regarding the most common answers for where people are at, what they are struggling with, and what they are needing from God right now—and the commonalities amongst the answers are wild and comforting.

Wherever you are, whatever season you find yourself in, no matter how far off you have already gotten from the hopes you set for yourself this year, this podcast is for you.

Today is the perfect day for a reset. And the beauty of following Jesus' lead and being loved by Him? He knows how to pivot and adjust better to anyone.

Lean in...this is a good one!

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