S2 EP13: Unfiltered: Trusting God with your influence w/Brittany Sjogren of @loverlygrey

on June 24, 2024

You probably already know my dear friend, Brittany Sjogren—the beautiful face and heart behind the Instagram, @loverlygrey. In this episode, we talk about how different perception is from reality, how boundaries are necessary to protect our peace, and how to find true fulfillment in an industry that can easily leave you chasing the next thing.

Brittany is honest, wise, and authentic; her willingness to go against the grain is so refreshing and I can’t wait for you to hear her heart in this episode. If you’ve been procrastinating on pursuing your dreams, if you’ve been reluctant to show up because the desired space you’re interested in is too saturated, or if you’re burnt out from plowing the field and wondering if it’s worth it to keep going, this episode will meet you right where you are. It will encourage you, remind you of the power of hard work, and inspire you to trust the Holy Spirit with whatever you put your hands to.

The truth is, we all have influence exactly where we are; the difference will be whether we realize that influence and what we choose to do with it. Take a note from Brittany: The world needs the unfiltered version of you!

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