About Cleere

I always struggle with writing an “about me” page feeling far away, so imagine we are sitting beside each other having a cup of coffee or Diet Coke or whatever it is that strikes your fancy. Also, there is a 3892% chance I have already hugged you because I firmly believe everyone is a hug person, some just don’t realize it yet! My husband calls it my “struggle snuggle”. Whatever. He is an attorney and I am an entrepreneur so he helps me remember that details matter and I help him dream bigger. As my mother terms it, he is the string to my balloon, which is pretty fitting.

Five years ago, never would I ever have said I would live in my hometown of Greenville, North Carolina and be married to my first boyfriend, Will. But isn’t that how life often goes? Makes us eat our words as we happy dance around the room and realize God is greater than our wildest dreams?

You can usually find me listening to R&B at the gym, chasing salt air at the beach, or snuggling my nephews somewhere. I love my friends and family so much and God's grace is evident in the people He has given me (full on Enneagram 2 status over here). Speaking of grace, He has allowed Cleerely Stated to become what it is today. I am so humbled.

I am a speaker, writer, and celebrator of the ordinary and the extraordinary. I would love for you to learn more about our mission below.



What is your mission?

Cleerely Stated serves as a way to help other recalibrate and remember who they are in Jesus. Through the use of encouraging tools and products, our goal is to help you see your current valley or mountaintop from a Heavenly perspective.

How did you get started?

I started the company, not knowing I was starting a company. I was going through a lot of transition, an extremely difficult breakup, and struggling with my purpose—I knew I needed the Word top of mind. This birthed the first set of Scripture Devotional Cards. After my local boutique sold out of these, I realized, “Wait a second? I guess this could be something?”

What is your biggest struggle as an entrepreneur?

Setting realistic expectations while also believing God to show up and show off.

Staying inside my own head and doubting my abilities.

Remembering boldness and humility can coexist...sometimes I confuse being authoritative and assertive in my gifts as being arrogant.

What do you do for fun?!

BEACH IT. Dance—anywhere, everywhere. Have meaningful conversation with people I love.

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