today's devotion

Happy Late Mother’s Day to my Fashionably Late, Beautiful, Incredible Hero of a Mother.

Dear Mom, In honor of you, I decided I had to post this letter a little fashionably late, as it just did not feel right to post it on time Seriously though, I know I was unable to be with you on Mother’s Day, so I just wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for being the woman that you are and the role model you are to me in my life. It’s funny, as...
on May 13, 2013

Small Steps make Big Dreams.

Recently, I decided to make a goal list. It was kinda crazy to think about all the dreams I have and try to find a way to communicate them on paper.  There were big ones, small ones, ones that might happen in the next year and others that are over five years away. However, after going through college in what felt like only one year, five years really isn’t THAT far away. After doing this, I tucked my...
on September 18, 2012

BUT not everybody does it…

“What are your skills? Please list all that apply.” is what the application said. Skills. What are my skills? Well, I can write okay. I can talk to a wall. I like traveling (Is that a skill? I guess not…) My mom tells me I can love the unlovable, but I still am not sure if that counts. My dad says I can find the positive in getting stuck in an avalanche (which I feel like he might...
on February 21, 2012
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