God is so proud that you are His.

on October 06, 2023

“How good is He, if He never did another thing for me, He is all I’ll ever need…how good is He.” 🎶

🤍 He claims you with absolute certainty + immense pride. You are His child; regardless of whether you believe His delight over you, His adoration remains.

🤍 The opinions of others aren’t your responsibility. You don’t have to appease them in order to honor them; fear God and that will rescue you.

🤍 Seasons—literally + figuratively—remind you that only Heaven is forever. The passing of time, the change it brings, and the power of open + closed doors is necessary + holy,

🤍 He is sure, absolute, and constant, no matter your circumstance. How will God operate when life feels harder or heavier? As He always does—in perfection, compassion, + love.

🤍 There will be moments or chapters of your life where you will wonder, “How am I
We can supposed to show up well amidst ______?” God will provide specifics. Surrender that to Him.

🤍 Getting before Him + sitting at His feet will always help your heart recognize His sovereignty + control. Don’t wait to “feel it” to worship; giving Him glory protects your soul.

🤍 God speaks + things quickly get in line. The gray area is removed, movement happens, and new confidence is found. Trust His timing to clear the dust.

🤍 When you make seeking His wisdom your top priority, everything in your life benefits. Wisdom allows you to act in faith and walk in trust.

🤍 Storms will come and they will pass and you will stand firm. Why? Because your foundation is the rock. Rain helps purify the material of your foundation.

🤍 Humbling yourself, you seek out wisdom because you’re aware of how little you know. Humbling yourself, you extend compassion because you know your own depravity. Humbling yourself, you pursue unity + peace.

We can never repay Him but we can live in response to His grace 🤍

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