God will help your heart dream again.

on September 29, 2023

Like water that’s everywhere and in-between, impossible to not touch every crevice it encounters—such is the goodness of God 🌟

🌟 Feeling like you aren’t sure how to dream anymore? Or that life has capped your imagination? God will help you. He’s already leading you + opening your eyes to what you can’t yet see.

🌟 It is work that makes rest so sweet and rest that provides the stamina for holy + good work. Both are necessary, righteous, + crucial rhythms for a healthy life.

🌟 Silence is often the unwanted sound that your soul deeply longs for but feels uncomfortable experiencing. Stay in it. Stop. Listen. Jesus speaks volumes here.

🌟 Your spirit hears your own lips singing praise + proclaiming truth and it responds with obedience + greater trust. Praise always elevates your perspective.

🌟 The inner-sanctuary where the worries of life pale in comparison to the richness of His presence? It is always available. Like a robe of peace upon entering—that’s what He does.

🌟 The more you can let offense go, the more you can build things that matter, establish intimate relationships with complex people (including you), and the more you can receive God’s instruction. Rule your spirit.

🌟 When life feels unfair or is the opposite of what you’re praying for, God will help you navigate it. He isn’t unaware of preference but He is always for transformation.

🌟 Anger, envy, anxiety, impatience, pity, etc. will knock. They might even bring an enticing treat hoping to stay but only you invite them to the table of your day. What will your heart feast on?

🌟 Whatever you’re wrestling, God is able. So simple but revolutionary. Nothing is stronger than His love for you.

🌟 Lean in…hear that? The Holy Spirit is as close as your breath—the very gift within you! He’s here. You’re never alone. The ever-present helper + knower of all wisdom.

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