Grace covers every gap today. Walk forward.

on March 10, 2023

In every circumstance, amidst every transition, in every season, no matter the weather—GOODNESS IS HERE. Alive. His presence is everything.

🌟 Every gap you’ll notice, see, or experience today is already covered by the lavished grace of the Father. You don’t have to worry about measuring up; He’s covered all the bases.

⭐️ It is true: Life is busy + often wearisome. But you have the gift of the Holy Spirit. He will refuel you + replenish you. Lean into Him to quench your thirst.

💫 You don’t have to have a reason to celebrate, get excited about, and praise God for this life. The gift of itself is worth dancing over every single morning!

🌟 The rain will stop. The clouds will lessen and it will eventually stop making sounds on the roof of your heart + your home and you will want to be prepared to run out + see the sunshine. Nourish your hope!!! It’ll never disappoint you.

⭐️ Emotions are loud + they are honest but they were never intended to be your dictator. Their volatility + shortsightedness make for poor directors towards the life you crave. Let the Spirit lead you back to truth + coach your emotions.

💫 Rest is not the reward you earn for a life of hard, nonstop work; rest is the lifestyle cultivated through a heart of peace, which results in meaningful work.

🌟 Sensitivity is always a gift, even when it presents discomfort or disagreements. Choose to remain tender to the heart of God and let Him handle how others respond to it.

⭐️ The plans of God are the surest thing there is, no matter what the world presents. Plant your confidence + root your authority THERE— then you’re not in jeopardy.

💫 Just because you’ve been carrying certain stress doesn’t mean it has to stay— LET IT GO. Get your posture back. Let the Creator handle the weight of the world + enjoy the present.

🌟 It is such good news to know that physical, mental, emotional, + spiritual healing are always possible + available. A HEALTHY heart, mind, body, + soul are worth fighting for.

It’s a good day indeed. Eyes open 🤍

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