His plans are better than your own

on November 13, 2023

There are many things that are different about all our stories.
The places we’ve traveled, the people interwoven throughout our story, the problems we have to navigate, and the particulars we experience along the way but one thing is consistent, true, + universal: God uses everything as preparation for where He’s taking you.
When it feels hard, it helps you dig deeper for hope.
When it seems confusing, true clarity becomes the hand you’re holding, not even the view you’re witnessing.
When it appears pointless, eternal purpose shines through.
When it appears like a departure from where you thought you were going or the place you’ve been praying for, you’re reminded that you only want to stay in the boundaries of where He has called you and you only want to hold what He’s given you.

This is true: Either God is God and peace is yours OR you’re in control + worry is present.
Either He the invisible gives breath to the visible or what is seen is the source of all hope.

The kindness of God does not go in seasons; it is all-encompassing and trustworthy in every chapter of every story. It does not give based on merit, receive credence through recognition, or alter due to performance—it is just that—kindness forever.
Sometimes it comes dressed just like you thought it would and other times, it’s not what you pictured. But either way, the sunrise is the sunrise + it can’t be called anything but that.

The heartbreak is solidifying you.
The hardship is refining you.
The transition is steadying you.
The tension is cultivating you.
The disappointment is developing you.
The detour is pacing you.
All of it…it’s readying you for what your soul REALLY wants but sometimes forgets—His plan. His peace. His presence. His power. His perfect, precise provision.

Commit to where you’re standing. Trust where He’s taking you. Get your hands dirty in the soil beneath you instead of surveying the flowers around you. Remember that He tells the hands of time how to exist and He separates day from night every morning…that’s who holds your days + protects your heart.

Keep stepping…look up…do you see that? The view from His plan will always be sweeter than your own.

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