His timeline considers all things.

on February 10, 2023

Goodness surrounds you because God surrounds you; are your eyes open? Ears listening? Hands free? Heart available?

🌟God’s timeline over your life considers where you’ve been + where you’re going. It knows all that’s weighing on you + the pressures you feel but it also knows the freedom + abundance you’ve been called to. You can trust it.

🌟Take a walk—even 5 minutes- and breathe in different area. See the sunshine. Make your feet walk over the earth that the Lord has made and remind your soul how mighty, creative, + kind He is.

🌟The world will offer its labels + its judgement but Jesus specializes in difficult people + damage that feels too intense to repair. HOPE is always available.

🌟Giving grace is balm to the soul of both the giver and the receiver. It releases tension, chooses mercy, and remembers the sacrifice of the One who blanketed the world with the grace we never deserved.

🌟In any situation, relationship, or unknown situation, stress is a choice. It is the posture of focusing on what you don’t know instead of WHO you do know. Pick peace instead.

🌟Even when your actions don’t please God, it’s impossible to change His affection over who you are. In fact, it is His adoration for you that is the cause of the grief she has when you run the other way.

🌟His promises for your life aren’t contingent upon the world around you. If He has said it, you can believe it, cling to it, + consider it done.

🌟Keep your hand to the plow. Keep going. Even when it feels monotonous, insignificant, or unseen, it is necessary + holy. God’s harvest is always worth it.

🌟When the gifts of others feel more needed or relevant, turn down the voice of culture + self-criticism and turn up the voice of the Creator. He doesn’t make mistakes or anything futile.

🌟On the solid Rock you stand—no matter how shaky it can FEEL—you get to enter the day knowing where your help comes from. You are secure + safe. Rest.

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