Interrupted plans catalyze flexibility + faith.

on January 27, 2023

You woke up again, breath filled your lungs, the sun brought new mercy, + God’s goodness surrounded you once more.
How is it that such a faithful God would keep choosing us?

🌟The things you didn’t plan for, the detours you weren’t expecting, and the moments you could never predict often become your favorite parts of the journey. As you learn to pivot + realize the power of flexibility, faith strengthens + increases.

🌟How much deeper would you breathe if you knew that the living, true God is involved in every detail of your present + your future? Well, He is. All is in His hands.

🌟Worry is when you let the unknowns become much louder than the known. Worship is when WHO you know covers what you don’t. Choose worship + wonder will restore your joy.

🌟Linking up with Jesus, you get to walk in the promise of knowing He always travels lightly. No matter how intense or overwhelming the burden feels, stress will never be His posture.

🌟Whether it’s in conversation with your spouse, a confrontation at your workplace, or the everyday interactions you have with those around you, the Holy Spirit is the greatest at self-control. He will lead you.

🌟Kindness infuses the giver + the receiver with strength, gentleness, + joy. Like honey that sweetens even the most bitter of things, kindness is a universal language + superpower.

🌟More courage is found in the action of being courageous. When you decide to show up + get your feet wet, God helps you find the capacity + bravery to keep going where you feared you could not.

🌟Deep waters are the Savior’s specialty. If you’re struggling + feel unseen, look up. The King is with you—the One who made the seas is not afraid of the waves they create.

🌟God’s favor is all over your life. Can you see it? In the people He has given you, the places He is taking you, + the provision along the way—He is moving and it will be miraculous.

🌟With the attitude you choose, the perspective you hold, the words that you say, + the decisions that you make, YOU get to make today great. Don’t call it off or try to survive it—THRIVE.

Gratitude is the fuel to faith. Recognize it, voice it, + walk in it.

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