It's impossible for God to fail.

on July 14, 2023

What has your language reflected this morning? Your responses? Your plans for the day?
May they all rest on this foundation: God is good in ALL He says + does!

🌟 It is impossible in every sense of the word for God to fail. He is the beginning + the end; nothing could gain control of the One who made + holds all in His hands.

🌟 Thoughts will knock but you get to decide which ones you let in the door, sit at the table, + nurture. You have great authority over your mind.

🌟 The initial tone of the conversation doesn’t have to remain that way; you get to change it. Be tender. Gentle. Humble at heart. This protects you + others.

🌟 Considering EVERYTHING you could offer another, love will always be the richest. And anything given without love intertwined becomes noise + distraction. Love is the only needed ingredient for a heart to receive it.

🌟 God uses every mistake, every bad decision, every stronghold, every answered prayer, every season, + every moment. He is connecting dots you’ll never see or predict until they come to pass. He’s wasting nothing.

🌟 Cheering for others + their advancement is like helping someone turn on a light in the house you live in—because it’s the Kingdom family, the whole place gets brighter!

🌟 Choosing to go the Jesus way + honoring His Word above all guarantees 24/7 protection + provision. It’s the sure fire way to a purposeful life with true safety.

🌟 The prayers that go unanswered are never God’s silence; they are His sovereignty in action. He knows what you don’t. With time, you will see that His will would’ve been your prayer all along.

🌟 Because you walk by the power of the Holy Spirit, feelings have nothing to do with follow-through. In fact, it’s when you don’t feel like it that your tenacity + trust is tested + proven.

🌟 There’s really no side. Evil has never stood a chance. Soon, the whole earth will bow to the King. Unshakeable—that’s what He is + what He touches.

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