Maturity gleans wisdom from yesterday, not shame.

on December 15, 2023

Trying to understand His goodness is like trying to contain an ocean in a bottle—it’s far too vast, too great, too powerful, and too mighty to bottle up or comprehend.

🌟 Maturity realizes the need to glean what He teaches you but realizes the necessity to not let shame overtake you. When you are a student of Jesus, mistakes become lessons + help towards becoming more like Him.

🌟 You are not what you do. Sure, diligence + effectiveness are powerful for forward motion. However, your identity was never meant to be roped into the results that your hands produce; your identity is your inherent gift as His child. Sealed. Sure. Always.

🌟 Voicing your frustrations is necessary for success, unity, and growth. Complaining is not. It is the tone, spirit, and posture in which you deliver that determines the direction you travel with it.

🌟 Tension, though wildly uncomfortable, stretches, strengthens, solidifies, and sturdies your muscles. Hard moments force you to answer this question a million times over: “Who do you trust and whom will you fear?”

🌟 Forgiveness is really hard, especially when the pain is still fresh and the awareness on the other side doesn’t seem reciprocated. However, your job is extending what Jesus gave to you without question. In doing so, you lead + love like Him.

🌟 You don’t have to have crazy outlandish plans or spend lots of money to make profound, life-changing memories. Sometimes, it is the simplicity of the circumstances that invites you to really soak it in + be present.

🌟 You get to sit at the well and fill your cup—no matter how dry you may feel or how long you feel like you sit there—and THEN live out of that overflow. The Lord never asks you to give what you don’t first receive from Him.

🌟 You get to release the burden of impressing others. Their opinions are fickle anyway. Your job? Please your Father. Deal with Him and He will deal with others on your behalf.

🌟 When your heart feels frantic or frazzled or fearful for any reason, worship. Say His name. Sing lyrics, even if they deem distant + unsure. Praise is your weapon against anxiety.

🌟 Prioritize Jesus and you will never lack peace.

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