Since God holds tomorrow, you can enjoy the present

on October 27, 2023

Friday is here and good news ABOUNDS! Even in the least preferable circumstances, God is in control, His grace is sufficient, + His Kingdom lasts forever. Will we grasp it today?

🌟 Since tomorrow is your Father’s business, you can fully embrace + latch onto today. He holds time; He can handle tomorrow.

🌟 Gratitude is the catalyst to contentment in every circumstance. Want to experience happiness and delight where you are? Start thanking Him for how He’s already moving.

🌟 Curveball throw you off? Life feels confusing? Good news—you can’t surprise the One who controls all things. He has never been surprised.

🌟 Obedience is your guardrail. It is the protective covering, assuring your steps are blessed + your way is under His wings.

🌟 Gatherings don’t have to be pressure-filled; the more you release the burden of perfection + choose to usher His presence, the more life-giving + FUN they become!

🌟 There’s not a limit on His kindness, grace + mercy. It’s ever-present and constantly flowing. You can’t run out, tap out, or lose access.

🌟 When you feel shaky, He is sure. When you feel vulnerable, He’s steady. The solid ground on which you firmly STAND! That’s Jesus.

🌟 Change is the necessary prompting that requires you to assess + be aware of what’s serving you + what is NOT. It’s so good + important to walk it out, wrestle, + alter what’s needed.

🌟 The Holy Spirit is wild. He’s doing so many things beneath the surface that you have no idea about. Just wait…He’s shifting tides.

🌟 The “mundane” is the perfect soul for the miracle moments! Because when you feel like it’s dull, His light + power are made obvious to the willing heart.

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