The markings of a life well lived are a beautiful thing

on June 18, 2024

I have felt this heavy on my heart and weighing on my Spirit...I hear it in conversations all around me, witness it in every advertisement and trend I see, and I FEEL it in my own heart—this immense pressure to be utterly consumed by the outside appearance of our lives.
Especially us—to live such a BIG life and do all these things and take risks and be brave, but look as though we’ve gotten younger and better and fresher all the same.
What does it even mean to be impressive on the outside?
Are we asking our bodies not to age and our skin to live in a bubble? Are we yearning to walk in the BIG, adventurous purpose God has for us but not expecting to get some bruises and endure some hardship along the way?
Are we scrolling and comparing and taking crazy, unhealthy standards as our baseline and wondering why we feel robbed of embracing the gift of maturity? Of experience? Of wisdom? Of LIVING?

You see, you and I—we don’t actually get any satisfaction out of being impressive on the outside.
Strong because we started lifting weights and can feel our bodies thanking us? YES.
Intentional because we finally started applying SPF and realizing we prefer longevity over temporary color? YES.
Free because we don’t let labels or sizes tell us what is healthy + necessary for us? YES.
But it’s always been the inside work that sparks the fire, reveals Jesus, + helps us delight in deeper ways.

It is impossible to erase the desire to be relevant and beautiful and happy…but it is the voice that defines them for us that will determine whether we ever experience them on this side of Heaven. Will we settle for striving or will we reclaim this season with new guidelines, expectations, power, + HOPE?

I think we spend a lot of our time wishing we were different and I know that makes Jesus sad. What if we worked hard to embrace what is instead of change what isn’t? I think we would rediscover a new version of beautiful—one that looks good with a little life seasoned on it 🤍

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