This is good ground

on April 03, 2024
It’s human nature to have expectations.

Expectations of how something will go,
How the details will line up,
Who will show up for you,
What will be required,
What you’ll have to release to hold what’s ahead,
Expectations of all of it…it’s the brilliance and danger of the human mind—to try to connect the dots we foresee are ahead.
You see, Scripture tells us that we are made in His image and this is part of it. Our curiosity, our excitement, our ability to have authority + participate in the adventures of life.
But where we mess up—we forget that while we are made in His image, we can only create expectations based off of what we know, how much we can see, the resources we have in our bag right now, the people we have access to in this place, etc.
It’s the boundary line between humanity and divinity; that mystery is what reminds us that we are human and only He is God.
It’s total mercy, honestly. Because we aren’t good at being God and the ground we pick has only to do with surface level; Our Father sees beneath the surface.

So…maybe things aren’t panning out how you’d hoped—the relationship you thought was the answer, the job that turned out to be a flop, the friendship that feels one-sided, the healing that feels slower than molasses, the conflict that required demolition before reconstruction—all of it—maybe it is harder.
Taking longer.
Feels less exciting, impressive, happy, or whatever it is than you thought.

That’s OKAY to wish that it was different. For a moment, at least. But then, let the character of God inform your perspective more than your control of your circumstances.

He is doing so much right here.
If your head is turned looking back, you’ll miss it. His access is undeniable, His supply is unlimited, + His power is unstoppable. If He needs it to be, it’ll be.
Will you trust that?

Survey where you are, not where you wish you were. Contentment is found in the present.
What is He up to?
How’s He moving?
Is He triggering a deeper prayer life within you?
Are you dying to yourself a little? PRAISE! That’s when light comes.

He’s always in preparation mode. You can’t comprehend the goodness so don’t try. Be HERE + have eyes to see.

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