Trust in God will never put you to shame

on May 12, 2023

It’s Friday! And God has given us a new day! A day that’s never happened before!
It’s blanketed in mercy, covered by grace, and fueled by the goodness of the everlasting God.

🌟 Trusting in God about any + every little and big thing will always provide joy, strength, + peace. You will never regret surrendering to His sovereignty + trusting His faithfulness.

🌟 Whether it be work-related, regarding your personal relationships, or any situation at hand, humility is the most attractive posture. It allows you to actually listen, learn, + lean into refinement.

🌟 There isn’t a single moment on your journey today or ahead where you’ll be alone. Not one! Replace the fear of abandonment with the steadfast promise of the Shepherd.

🌟 The way of God—the narrow, sometimes confusing, often uncomfortable—way of God is the only route that offers 24/7 protection. It is always the path of security, growth, + provision.

🌟 You can feel impatient, frustrated, angry, jealous, or whatever it may be today and NOT act on it. Recognizing a negative emotion + bringing it to the Spirit is maturity, realizing your feelings aren’t in charge.

🌟 The wait, though hard and usually not preferable, is a sure fire way to build strength + comprehend the steadiness of the Lord. It is necessary, holy, + good.

🌟 A relationship feels cold? The world feels hard? Your circumstances feel dismal? The Holy Spirit is the warmth + covering you need. Welcome Him in + ask to see Him move.

🌟 Your words get to build up others!!! Edify their spirit, rejoice in their giftings, + strengthen the unity of the body—what an honor! Choose wisely.

🌟 Perfection isn’t God’s goal for you—that would remove your need for Him. His hope? That your heart, mind, spirit, + body would be available wherever He leads. How freeing!

🌟 WHEREVER you are, expect God to MOVE! Today. It’s a sure bet + a dependable safety net. Eyes open!

Goodness—it’s your lifesong! Do you hear it? 🎶

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